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Poinsettia is considered one of the best Christmas flowers Mexico to have around. Its origin dates back to 1825, wild plants are grown in Mexico. A Joel Robert Poinsettia introduced it in the United States of America. He was an ambassador to Mexico and botanist. A He planted some poinsettias cut for planting.

Myth poinsettia associated with going back to the birth of Christ. A girl named seeds gathered some wild weeds present children to Jesus. However, the plants bloomed into beautiful flowers. They were then known as flowers of the holy night. They are critical to celebrate send flowers Mexico Different names know poinsettias in other places. The Aztecs called it. These are known as the Crown A€œof the Andes in Peru and Chile.

Also called flame flower leaves. Poinsettia Bushes grow to ten meters. There is a wide range of poinsettias available. We get flowers in red and white Christmas, Tones A traditional pink. Like yellow and peach are also available. Some new varieties bracts as wrinkles, mottled spots and are available for you to buy. Paul Ecke Ranch in California offers a variety of Easter flowers.

Poinsettias are a fatal error that wrong. It has been proven by researchers that are not toxic to humans and animals. It can be grown indoors for decoration but does not have to reach the house. The fibrous tissue may cause some stomach upset and ingestion.

Poinsettias are $ 10 to $ 100.The variation is based on the ornaments in shape, size, quality and decorative. While choosing flowers for Christmas; you should consider expanded bracts piece color, strong stems, green leaves do not wither quickly. Poinsettias can be grown and where the ambient temperature is maintained. Indirect sunlight and soil moisture should be moderate to stimulate the healthy growth of the flowers. Extreme heat, water, heat and moist soil and can cause flower damage.

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